'Meat' The Butcher

  • Jane Doe

    Paul Parker

    Managing Director

    Started in October 1970 as a butcher and took over a managerial role in 1986. Paul is the longest serving member of the team. 
    "I have worked for Church’s for over 40 years now. Anyone who meets me knows I am a workaholic and have a real passion for the business and butchery trade. However when I do have the time I like to unwind and relax by spending time with family and friends; over food of course."

  • Sudarman Sudaryoto

    Carl Nattress


    Started in June 1993 as a butcher and became Manager in 1998.
    "I have learnt an awful lot over nearly 20 years at Church's, but whats been lovely is to be able to serve all our regular customers who over the years have brought their family in, and to serve them aswell. I am proud to be part of a traditional and family-orientated business."  

  • Jane Doe

    John Cousins

    Shop Manager

    Born in Epping and started in July 1996 working on the delicatessen counter as a Saturday boy. Over the years has moved up to Delicatessen Manager while training to become a butcher and now is Shop Manager.
    "Over the 16 years I have worked for Church's I have built up relationships with our customers on a first name basis and enjoy serving the local community and being part of an established business in Epping."

  • Sudarman Sudaryoto

    Maureen Shaw

    Delicatessen Assistant

    Started in September 2002, and is proud to be the only woman on the team.
    "I love coming into work and chatting to our customers, the hours fit in perfectly with my lifestyle." Her fellow colleagues certainly agree Maureen has put the womanly touch into what is originally seen as a man’s world.

  • Sudarman Sudaryoto

    Kieran Graveling

    Trainee Butcher

    Started in October 2011 and is the newest member of our team.
    "Since changing trades from chef to butcher, I have learned skills I would never have picked up in a working kitchen. I have been given a great opportunity to progress within Church's and am most grateful. My confidence and knowledge is gaining from strength to strength thanks to the combined experiences of my colleagues. I am really enjoying my time at Church's and looking forward to the future."